Equine Assisted Therapy

It's All About The Horse

Equine Assisted Therapy

Bringing Masterson Method to an Equine Assisted Therapy Session
benefits both the horse and the client

The gentle, tactile, horse-focused, intuitive and interactive nature of this bodywork creates connection, communication, and caring.


making a difference

An Equine Assisted Activity or Therapy (EAAT)  is an experiential form of therapy that involves interaction between the patient and a horse.  With the increase of EAAT in therapy sessions,  clients with mental and behavioral issues are reaping the benefits of working with horses.


When using Masterson Method techniques, understanding how horses respond to touch and pressure is important to be successful with bodywork.   The techniques that are taught by a Masterson Method Equine Specialist may have additional benefits to the participating clients.

How Does It Work

what to expect

  • As an Masterson Method Equine Specialist, I provide techniques to Equine-Assisted Activities and Therapy (EAAT) programs in partnership with a mental health therapist.
  • I will collaborate with a therapist to facilitate an Equine Assisted Therapy session.
  • I am responsible for teaching and demonstrating the technique, then stepping back to allow the interaction to occur with the goal of keeping all participants safe.
  • In the pre-session planning I help identify the best equine partner for each client. During a session I will provide early recognition of responses of a horse during a session.
  • I can also visit your location to teach staff, volunteers, and clients how to do Masterson Method techniques on your hard working equine partners outside of a therapy session.


are noticeable


The experience will expand communication and connection.


Provides opportunity to interact with the horse without requirement of physical strength.


Provides an opportunity for increased attunement between client & horse. Client must attune to self & horse’s responses, horse must attune to self & client’s presence & pressure.


Opportunity to assist the horse in releasing physical tension.


Both horse & client practice experiencing pressure & release in a connected relationship.


In addition to the predictable benefit to the horse, experience has shown us that this interaction may also benefit the client, either during or after the session.


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What Clients Are Saying

about my services

Kelly has been a welcome face at ROCK for many years!  She started as a Volunteer and went on to be on our Conditioning Team to help with the physical and mental aspect of therapy.  She has now done many Masterson Method sessions at ROCK with our Staff, Volunteers and recently our Veterans.  Kelly has the most patient and gentle way with our horses and our humans.  I am confident in her ability to read the horses and excited for her future with ROCK!

Lesley Shedeck, Equine Manager R.O.C.K., Ride On Center for Kids

The horses Kelly has worked with at Pecan Creek Ranch absolutely love her! We have also been able to incorporate what she has taught us about Bladder Meridian into our practice with clients. It offers a unique way for them to connect with their horses, often opening up new pathways for them to begin looking at connection and relationship in a different way.

Reccia Jobe, Pecan Creek Ranch

Kelly has worked on my horses several times over the years. It is evident how much she cares about them. They always feel so much better physically and mentally after she works on them. I think it says volumes that they recognize her when she comes, even if it has been a long time. I highly recommend Kelly’s services. She’s amazing!

As for the Masterson Method- I learned the Masterson method from Kelly to not only help the horses who are part of our therapy teams but also to be able to teach my therapy clients. This method is wonderful for helping clients learn to connect with themselves and their horse partner. A client said this week I have never felt so close to my horse as I did when when I helped relieve the pain in his neck. It was so helpful to be so attuned and to see how I could connect so deeply without touching him. This method is very beneficial for clients and for caring for your horses health.

Rebecca Hubbard, Pecan Creek Ranch

Kelly’s Equine Services is so very welcome to Texas Hill Country. Our horses and their owners are being given an incredible gift! Kelly has worked with my gelding for over a year and he knows and welcomes her presence because he knows, and I know, that when she leaves, our world will be better!

Kelly has an incredible knowledge of equine body bio mechanics and is likely one of the best Masterson Method practitioners that I have ever met and had the privilege of working with. I look forward to her full time availability! I have horses lined up and waiting for her.

Jini Berman

Kelly's work with my horse helps with his suppleness and release of tension in his poll and back. Her massage work makes my training rides more effective and yields a healthier, happier horse.

Audris Griffith

Kelly does body work on a regular basis on (Vegas/ my horse). She can give me insight into what is going on with him and what I can do to help to help him. I want him to feel good and be a happy athlete. Kelly's compassion and continual thirst for knowledge amaze me!

Sharon Bradshaw