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Discover what the possible primary issue could be that is causing continual problems

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You love your horses and want to give them anything to improve their lives. Horses typically cover up pain and tension in their bodies, making it hard to recognize a problem. This pain and tension will affect your horse’s performance, causing problems during competition. I can help. I can recognize the subtle issues causing your horse pain before it becomes bigger using Masterson Method. Contact me today for a free consultation.

Discover What's Causing The Issues

Horses are typically covering up issues we don’t always recognize at first. With 228 hours of training in the Masterson Method and Advanced Equine Anatomy, I can pick up on subtle issues before they become bigger.

Equine Bodywork

Are you experiencing any of these issues?

  • LEAD PROBLEMS: Your horse has difficulty picking up or staying on a particular canter lead.
  • RESISTING THE BIT: A horse will often resist the bit to avoid pain or discomfort in the upper neck, atlas, poll or TMJ.
  • LAMENESS: Horses that compensate for the lameness over a long period of time can create tension in their muscles.
  • HEAD-SHY: 95% of head-shy horses are due to pain and tension in the poll and atlas.
  • BEHAVIORAL AND TRAINING ISSUES: Bucking, rushing, and other behavioral and training issues are often pain-related rather than training issues.


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FINDING The Culprit

Horses are herd animal and instinctively will not show outward signs of pain or weakness. Consequently, primary issues can go undetected for a long time and often identified as something else. The problem is, when identified incorrectly, the issue continues to persist. For example, some performance problems might be related more to pain rather than training issues. When the pain is taken care of, the performance problems improve.

HELPING Your Horse

Discovering the difference between primary and secondary issues can be the reason for your horse is underlying issues with performance, behavioral, or training issues. Often, we focus on the secondary instead of the primary issue that is causing all the problems. Knowing how to find those primary issues is the difference between your horse’s improved performance and having to fix an issue continually.