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I help Horse Owners to Improve their Horse’s Physical Well-Being

by providing Body Work that allows the horse to release tension and improve range of motion


Thank you for your interest in scheduling an appointment. You are on the right road to keeping your horse, partner and investment, in good working order.  By scheduling an appointment, you are actively participating in your horse’s well-being.

What to expect when you hire

Kelly Jefferson

  • Bodywork typically takes 1.5 hours, not including our initial conversation to discuss any concerns or areas of focus.
  • During the session I will be solely focused on reactions or restrictions identified during the initial evaluation, then work to improve range of motion by releasing muscle tension.
  • You will receive feedback (either written or verbal) immediately following the session on what was found and worked on.

I look forward to helping your horse.

Call me at (281) 850-5566